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Meet the Expert - About Brenda

My name is Brenda Hanrath, and I have been applying hair extensions for over15 years. I have seen many “good” and many more “bad & damaging” hair extension jobs over the years. This is the reason for me becoming an “EXPERT” on the many applications of hair extensions.

There are many different types of hair extensions, and the choices can be intimidating and confusing. It is important to have an experienced stylist to help you understand the process. I can explain the various hair types, quality, textures, methods, maintenance, and how to style your extensions. Some clients benefit from a couple of different methods combined to achieve the best results. My professional experience provides various unique combinations of customized applications. Using combined methods if needed, truly contributes to incredible results.

I am certified in 6 different methods of applying hair extensions, as well as a trainer/instructor for Balmain International, individual Keratin Bond Extensions. This heat application of a keratin protein bond is superb, because we now have the ability to re-bond, and re-use the hair. Many competitors require you to purchase new hair with every re-touch, or maintenance visit, which is a very costly investment. With the Balmain method, I can install individual pieces of hair, or hair panels based on the clients needs. I am certified in 3 weft or track methods, braiding, micro-bead and NXS Tresses. I also was one of the first trained and certified by Hairloc’s, the first cold method” application of individual hair extensions.